This ISA webinar on calibration uncertainty was presented by Ned Espy and Roy Tomalino of Beamex. 


Being aware of the uncertainty related to a measurement is a very fundamental concept and you should not make any measurements unless you are aware of the related uncertainty.

Watch the ISA webinar replay and learn all about calibration uncertainty and why it is crucial to understand it. Experts provide real-life application examples of how uncertainty affects calibration results.

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Want additional resources on the topic of calibration uncertainty? A companion white paper discusses the basics of uncertainty in measurement and calibration. The free white paper is designed for people who are not mathematicians or metrology experts, but people who are planning and making the practical measurements and calibrations in industrial applications.

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About the Presenters
OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANed Espy has been promoting calibration management with Beamex for more than 20 years. He has directed field experience in instrumentation measurement application for over 27 years. Today, Ned provides technical & application support to Beamex clients and partners throughout North America.

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Roy TomalinoRoy Tomalino has been teaching calibration management for 14 years. Throughout his career, he has taught on four different continents to people from over 40 countries. His previous roles include technical marketing engineer and worldwide trainer for Hewlett-Packard and application engineer with Honeywell. Today, Roy is responsible for all Beamex training activities in North America.

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