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Today’s automation industry quiz question comes from the ISA Certified Control Systems Technician (CCST) program. Certified Control System Technicians calibrate, document, troubleshoot, and repair/replace instrumentation for systems that measure and control level, temperature, pressure, flow, and other process variables. For information about the CCST program, click this link.

AutoQuiz20150507-1Which Type of Flowmeter Measures Flow by Measuring Volume Directly?

A) Coriolis
B) Magnetic
C) Positive displacement
D) Differential pressure
E) None of the above



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The answer is C. The positive displacement flowmeter measures the flow by breaking it into discrete segments of known volume and returning it to the stream. A Coriolis meter measures the stream’s mass flow directly. A magnetic flowmeter calculates the flow by measuring the voltage generated by conductive material in the flow as it passes through a magnetic field set up around the stream. The differential pressure flowmeter works by placing an obstruction in the stream that causes an upstream and downstream pressure difference.

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