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AutoQuiz20150619When the percentage of flow through a valve equals the percentage of plug movement, a valve has:

A) Linear flow characteristic
B) Equal percentage flow characteristic
C) Quick opening flow characteristic
D) Curved flow characteristic
E) None of the above



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The answer is A, linear flow characteristic. If a valve with a linear flow characteristic is open to 20% of its maximum, then the flow through the valve is 20% of its maximum. As to an equal percentage valve, choice B, if it were open 20%, the flow would be less than 20% of its maximum. It might be only 5%, for instance. Choice C, quick opening flow characteristic, would describe a valve that lets a lot of flow go through the valve just as it is opening. At 20% of full open for instance, the flow might already be 60% of its maximum-ergo the name quick opening. Choice D is not a flow characteristic.

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