The ANSI/ISA95 standard is divided among five parts with plans for a sixth part. Each of these “parts” has a different focus, and with roughly 300 pages each, that can seem confusing. Our friends at Avid Solutions put together a quick video that will hopefully give you a taste for the contents of each and how they relate to each other.

ISA95 is a multi-part international standard for the integration of enterprise and control systems. ISA95 consists of models and terminology. These can be used to determine which information, has to be exchanged between systems for sales, finance and logistics and systems for production, maintenance and quality. This information is structured in UML models, which are the basis for the development of standard interfaces between ERP and MES systems. The ISA95 standard can be used for several purposes. A few are:

  • A guide for the definition of user requirements
  • The selection of MES suppliers
  • A basis for the development of MES systems and databases


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