TUNE YOUR LOOP: Questions to keep you sharp.

Tune Your Loop is a series of posts consisting of questions from ISA Training Courses.

1. Most fieldbuses use what physical topology?

[ordered_list style=”lower-alpha”]
  1. Point to point
  2. Mesh
  3. Ring
  4. Bus[/ordered_list]

2. The Modbus/TCP protocol suite contains what protocols?

[ordered_list style=”lower-alpha”]
  1. Ethernet, IP, TCP and the Modbus Application Protocol
  2. Only TCP and the Modbus Application Protocol
  3. Modbus+ and the Modbus Application Protocol
  4. It doesn’t have protocols[/ordered_list]

3. Which of the following can NOT be done by a repeater:

[ordered_list style=”lower-alpha”]
  1. Extending the cable run length
  2. Converting between two different buses
  3. Converting between copper and fiber cabling
  4. Allowing branching of the network[/ordered_list]

4. DeviceNet has a maximum message payload of

[ordered_list style=”lower-alpha”]
  1. 4 Bits.
  2. 1 Byte.
  3. 8 Bytes.
  4. 256 Bytes.[/ordered_list]

5. Foundation Fieldbus allows

[ordered_list style=”lower-alpha”]
  1. Bus powered devices.
  2. Segment lengths to be extended with a repeater.
  3. Function blocks to run in the field device.
  4. All of the above.[/ordered_list]


What are your answers before you read ahead?

1. d

2. a

3. b

4. c

5. d


From the ISA Course Picking the Right Bus—A Comparison of Field and Device Networks (FG30C) pre-instructional survey.

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