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Introduction: Flowing with the tide of reflection and forecasting as the century changes, I took the liberty to conduct a survey of the century’s most important contributions to the practice of “control.’  I quite enjoyed considering the importance of the past events, and forecasting which contributions will ISA Transactions_Control Practicebe important in this new century. So did many of the survey respondents. I hope that you will enjoy this reflection, and also find it useful. This was a non-scientific survey, with a limited number of participants. However, the participants are all established experts, who represent a wide variety of disciplines and professions, and who appear to have submitted well-considered opinions. Accordingly, I believe the results are fairly legitimate, and the diversity and number of participants makes the results free of marketing bias. For those who are directing the development of textbooks, handbooks, degree programs, continuing education programs, top elements in the survey will be useful for specifying content. Those same elements will be a useful guide for those directing their own professional development. For those who are planning and managing the  technical future of an operating company, a vendor, or a service provider, this survey contains a useful vision of the most promising and practicable new technology.

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