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Today’s automation industry quiz question comes from ISA’s course, Electrical Controls for the Control Systems Technician (TI23). This course focuses on electrical controls that are calculation-of-capacitancefrequently overlooked in a formal training program. It is geared toward any level technician who wants a thorough review of electrical process concepts to reinforce their knowledge of basic electricity and develop skills required to install and maintain electrical control devices.

What is the total capacitance of the circuit in the post image?

a) 1.67 pF
b) 16.7 µf
c) 15.0 pf
d) 15.0 µf
e) none of the above


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Here’s the answer to today’s quiz from the instructor for ISA’s course offering, Electrical Controls for the Control Systems Technician (TI23).

Capacitance is defined as the ability of a dielectric to store electrical charge. The calculation of capacitance is reciprocally related to the calculation of resistance. Capacitance in parallel is calculated as the sum of the individual values and in series it uses the reciprocal method.

The correct answer is C.

calc capacitance-formula


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