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Thermal Chamber

Modified Smith predictor design for periodic disturbance rejection

Abstract: In this paper, a modified Smith predictor control scheme is proposed for periodic disturbance rejection in both stable and unstable processes with time delay. Without affecting the superior setpoint response of Smith predictor control, the regulation performance under periodic disturbance can be enhanced significantly by the proposed design. Meanwhile, the asymptotical rejection for non-periodic […]

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Fig. 1. The Smith predictor control scheme.

Autotuning of a new PI-PD Smith predictor based on time domain specifications

Abstract: The paper extends a recent work on a modified PI-PD Smith predictor, which leads to significant improvements in the control of processes with large time constants or an integrator or unstable plant transfer functions plus long dead time for reference inputs and disturbance rejections. Processes with high orders or long time delays are modeled […]

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Fig. 1. Block diagram of a cascade control system.

Improving performance using cascade control and a Smith predictor

Abstract: Many investigations have been done on tuning proportional-integral-derivative (PID) controllers in single-input single-output (SISO) systems. However, only a few investigations have been carried out on tuning PID controllers in cascade control systems. In this paper, a new approach, namely the use of a Smith predictor in the outer loop of a cascade control system, […]

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