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Webinar Recording: How to Build Reliable Industrial Control Systems

I am always pleased to share operationally sound methods for deeply layering security, and I frequently demonstrate live hacks that illustrate how exploits can be countered undetectably to hackers once they’ve breached the firewall — as they inevitably will. Recently I had the opportunity to team with an expert security researcher to investigate new capabilities […]

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Top 10 Differences Between ICS and IT Cybersecurity

In many, if not most plants with industrial control systems (ICS), ICS engineers and their internal information technology (IT) counterparts have very different perspectives on cybersecurity. Not surprisingly, these different perspectives often lead to conflicts when connecting an ICS to the plant’s IT system. In the past, because industrial control systems used proprietary hardware and […]

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Bolster Security for Your Legacy OPC Server

If you currently have an OPC server, you can quickly and easily overcome its security shortcomings and difficulties by wrapping it with OPC .NET, which combines Microsoft .NET security with access control features. It provides a simple method to secure access to legacy OPC servers. OPC .NET, originally called OPC Xi, is a Microsoft .NET […]

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information security

How Do You Balance Connectivity with Security on the Plant Floor?

Manufacturing facilities increasingly are becoming reliant on network connectivity to improve operational efficiency.  Getting an internet connection on the plant floor without running it through the enterprise IT department is quick and it gets the job done – as long as the network is only connected when your equipment or software vendor is providing remote […]

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Leveraging DoD Wireless Security Standards for Automation and Control

Over the last several years, the use of wireless networks in control systems has yielded a number of benefits to critical infrastructure while revolutionizing operations in key areas of industry, such as energy and transportation. Apart from the benefits of eliminating signal and power wiring, wireless sensor networks can enable measurement applications in sites that […]

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Security with Lock

How to Protect Water and Wastewater Facilities from Cyberattack

“If you aren’t scared yet, you haven’t been paying attention.”  So goes the aphorism for modern times, and it applies equally well to industrial cybersecurity.  Conclusive proof is hard to come by, but consider the supporting evidence: U.S. presidential executive orders, vulnerabilities markets for ICS, U.S. Secretary of Defense warnings of a “cyber Pearl Harbor”, […]

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Penetrating Firewall

13 Ways Through A Firewall: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

Firewalls are seen as pillars of both business-focused and industrial, control-system-focused cybersecurity programs. But how secure are firewalls really? Firewalls have been with us for 25 years. While firewall limitations are well known to both black-hat and white-hat experts, those limitations are not as well known to everyday security practitioners. This article catalogs 13 classes […]

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control system security steps

Six Steps to Control System Cybersecurity

If you are like most process automation professionals, you are aware that your automation systems are not as secure as they should be, and you would like to make improvements. But you are somewhat confused by all the industry chatter regarding security and standards, and you are looking for a clear path toward improvement, minus […]

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