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Why the Life Sciences Need Robotics

Three megatrends are rapidly changing the landscape of robotics and automation in the laboratory and the life science industry from both a technical and a commercial perspective. Each of these trends stands alone in having a significant impact on the industry, but their interaction is influencing design methods and componentry, as well as the expectations […]

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The Autonomous Workplace: Robotics Developers Focus on Safety

A new wave of automation is building, and it will affect (almost) everything. Robotic technology was once limited to operating behind light curtains, cages, and doors. Now, mobile robots are breaking away from these traditional confines to appear in dynamic, peopled environments like offices, health-care facilities, classrooms, factory floors, agriculture, and distribution centers. The convergence […]

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Where Do Humans Fit in the Factory of the Future?

Much has been written and forecasted about the various impacts of technologies on humans: work, pleasure, productivity, and behaviors. The exponential growth of technical tools and their explosive applications to our lives have been nothing short of astounding. These have created an equally dramatic increase in new jobs with required skills. Organizations seek to fill […]

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New Industrial Standards for Robotic Safety

The past few years have been marked by significant changes in industrial safety standards in the U.S. Safety managers, plant managers, and others who are not carefully monitoring these developments may not be keeping pace with the latest codes and regulations. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), “machine guarding” that pertains to […]

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Six Emerging Trends in the World of Industrial Robotics

Over the past several decades robots have gone from incredibly expensive machines with limited functionality to modern industrial robots that are flexible and can be applied in a broad range of applications to do amazing things, offering a high return on investment (ROI). It is always hard to look into the future, but if one […]

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FDI Meets Plant’s Device Integration Needs

The future is digital, and digital should be intuitive and easy to use. Some users of 4–20 mA/HART, Foundation Fieldbus, and Profibus devices have to grapple with two sets of files to integrate their devices: electronic device description (EDD) files and device type manager (DTM) software drivers. Field device integration (FDI) is a new device […]

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Industrial Automation and Embedded Vision: A Powerful Combination

In order for manufacturing robots and other industrial automation systems to meaningfully interact with the objects they are assembling, as well as to deftly and safely move about in their environments, they must be able to see and understand their surroundings. Cost-effective and capable vision processors, fed by depth-discerning image sensors and running robust software […]

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Your New Robot Colleague is Coming Out of its Cage

When asked how they envision a robot, most people either think of huge, unwieldy robots working in fenced-off areas in large factories, or they think of futuristic cyberbots mimicking human behavior. But somewhere between these two scenarios lies an emerging reality: a new class of robots, dubbed collaborative robots due to their ability to work […]

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