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Key Questions to Ask Before Migrating to High-Performance Graphics

Waves of processing facilities and operating companies are in the process of adopting high-performance graphics for the first time. These projects can be extremely daunting due to both conflicting information about what constitutes high-performance graphics and the vast number of individual design decisions that will be made over the course of the project. Developing a […]

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Why are Automation Projects so Challenging?

Over the past five years, we have had the opportunity to review summary benchmarking data from more than 100 automation projects. This benchmarking effort, conducted by coauthor Dave Adler, includes everything from detailed cost analysis to the opinions of company management about their automation systems. This benchmarking research reveals that the top three measurement criteria […]

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Consider the Big Picture When Justifying an Automation Project

Clearly, any new automation project requires economic justification.  While this often involves hard “dollars and cents” quantification of cost savings from increased production, reduced raw material costs, or increased uptime; it is also about “soft” benefits, such as reducing risks and improving agility.  All contribute to making your company more competitive.  This article will focus […]

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