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Q&A with Author of New Edition of Condensed Handbook of Measurement and Control

Q. Why were you compelled to publish an updated edition? A. There have been many changes in technology over the past 10 years or so (since the publication of the third edition), particularly in the areas relating to control equipment symbology, sensors, and safety instrumented systems—among other topics. I also received some comments from my students, […]

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Q&A with Author of ISA Book: Process Analyzer Systems Project Engineering and Management

  Q. Why were you inspired/motivated to write this book? A. There are many books and other resources available on engineering project management. However, there are few available on control systems engineering project management, and none available—that I am aware of—on process analyzer engineering project management. By writing this book, I hope to ease the […]

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How to Leverage ISA Standards to Achieve Sustainable Benefits During Industrial Project Design

In previous posts in this series (click here and here), I’ve talked about the need and desire for companies to significantly improve their operational capability and flexibility to compete successfully in a world market, and described some likely hurdles encountered in that journey. I’ve also implied that how those improvements are implemented can be more […]

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Is There Enough Focus on Cybersecurity for Municipal Infrastructure?

The volumes of information written about cybersecurity can be mind-boggling. The subject has important implications for everyone, especially for those of us involved with industrial control systems and software-based automation of water, sewer and electric systems. Legacy control systems have always been vulnerable because they weren’t designed with cyber attacks in mind. They were designed […]

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Project Management Is More Than a Disruption: It Is Real Work

Modern control systems are sophisticated assemblies with varied state-of-the-art technologies. Implementing these systems requires a team of technically gifted technicians and engineers who welcome the challenge of taking the often disparate pieces of a complex system and merging them into an integrated control system. Although these teams can resolve high-tech matters, they do not always […]

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Key Questions to Ask Before Migrating to High-Performance Graphics

Waves of processing facilities and operating companies are in the process of adopting high-performance graphics for the first time. These projects can be extremely daunting due to both conflicting information about what constitutes high-performance graphics and the vast number of individual design decisions that will be made over the course of the project. Developing a […]

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