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How to Select a pH Sensor for Harsh Process Environments

For today’s process plants, pH is an important parameter to measure in a host of demanding applications. A good example is flue gas desulfurization (FGD) control with systems using wet scrubbers in lime or limestone slurries. Proper pH can maximize sulfur oxide (SOx) removal and minimize the build-up of scale. Selection of the best sensor […]

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How to Determine the Health of a Reference Electrode

The reference electrode should provide a fixed reference potential and a path of electrical continuity from the internal reference element via a porous surface or aperture between the reference electrolyte and the process called a liquid junction. Coating of the reference junction can cause slow equilibration. Process ions, such as cyanide, can cause precipitation of […]

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ISA Author Spotlight: Greg McMillan Career Is an Open Book

Winner of ISA’s prestigious ISA Life Achievement Award in 2010 and many times recognized and awarded for his achievements during the course of his career, Greg McMillan is ISA’s most prolific author. Greg cranks out at least one book—sometimes two—a year, has written several articles for InTech and other magazines, and just completed the third […]

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