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What Is the Next Generation of Process Automation Wireless Technology?

Wireless technology is an essential business enabler for the automation world. It has gained rapid acceptance in many industrial sectors because of its cost effectiveness, reliability, fast deployment, and flexibility. Over the past four decades, ultrahigh frequency (UHF) radios have been widely used for long-range supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) connectivity in the oil […]

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Webinar Recording: How to Build Reliable Industrial Control Systems

I am always pleased to share operationally sound methods for deeply layering security, and I frequently demonstrate live hacks that illustrate how exploits can be countered undetectably to hackers once they’ve breached the firewall — as they inevitably will. Recently I had the opportunity to team with an expert security researcher to investigate new capabilities […]

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What are the Cost Benefits of Industrial Wireless?

Industrial wireless instrumentation is rapidly becoming the technology of choice for a growing class of applications. A wireless deployment saves significant costs compared to an equivalent wired installation, resulting in savings of 20 to 30 percent in simple configurations. Cost reductions can be even more compelling in scaled installations or in remote locations. Where wiring […]

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Communication towers.

Wireless Process Instrumentation: An End-User’s Perspective

Wireless technology adoption in many industrial sectors, including process automation, has been growing during the past decade. Industry consortiums, standards organizations, vendors, and end users have been pursuing the technology with varying degrees of interest. We explored wireless solutions for suitability with the potential to bridge gaps in process automation, especially in asset management, remote […]

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Brian Cunningham

The Reliability of Wireless Mesh Networks in Industrial Environments

Wireless Track:  Using Wireless e-Tablet/iPod/iPhone Technology Presenter/Author: Mr. Brian Cunningham, Cooper Bussmann Wireless Business Unit With increasing requirements on plant managers to reduce operating costs and increase safety, wireless connectivity is an attractive alternative to buried cable and conduit.  However questions remain as to its performance in industrial settings and more so, what will happen during […]

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