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cv formula

A Little About Valves

What is Cv ? If you are a mechanic, you would probably say that it is the joints that are on a front wheel drive vehicle, however if you work in the field of process automation you might know that it pertains to control valves. Cv is the capacity of a control valve, or the […]

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Square root formula

Evaluation Question

An analog electronic d/p transmitter has an output of 4-20 mA which represents 0 to 100 gpm (0 to 378.5 lpm). On a properly calibrated transmitter, what is the output in gpm (lpm), if the transmitter output is 12 mA?          a.    25                 (94 lpm)          b.   33.3             (126 lpm)          c.   70.7             (267.6 […]

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