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Flow Measurement and Instrumentation: Critical Components for Sustainable Processes

Consumers, industry, and society in general benefit from a commitment to sustainability. This concept is not purely about conservation or “being green.” Sustainability is not about using less, but about using the right or necessary amount—reducing waste in the process. The value of sustainability as a business opportunity is balanced between altruistic ideas related to […]

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Q&A with Co-Author of ISA Book The Tao of Measurement Plus Sample Chapter

Q. Why do you believe the book is a “must-read” for all those involved in instrumentation or process control? A. This book provides indispensable information for anyone involved in instrumentation or process control. It explains the principles of operation pertaining to all the main types of temperature sensors, pressure sensors and transmitters, and flowmeters. It […]

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How to Achieve Greater Manufacturing Efficiency With Online Process Metrics

I never have quite understood why every raw material, utility, vent, reactant, recycle, and reagent flow rate and total is not ratioed to the product flow rate and total for each unit operation. The operator screens should display flow ratios (e.g., kg/kg or lb/lb), cost ratios (e.g., Euros/kg or $/lb), production rate ratios (e.g., kg/hr […]

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Fuel Production

Improving Distillation Tower Operation

The distillation process uses enormous amounts of energy, consuming up to 50 percent of a refinery’s operating costs due to intense heating and cooling cycles. Proper distillation tower operation can reduce energy consumption, but plant personnel need the right information in order to improve operation. Specifically, operators must have precise measurement and control of numerous […]

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