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Simple HMI systems have evolved into highly advanced SCADA solutions that provide key data to operators, engineers, and plant managers from any location.

Remote Access, Any Time, Any Place

Human Machine Interface (HMI) has evolved significantly from the days in which operations staff had to sit in front of a single screen to monitor a machine or a process. HMI/SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) applications now not only monitor and help control equipment and processes but also provide a huge range of information […]

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Video can bring you clear, easy-to-understand information from the far reaches of your process.

New Way to Envision Your Remote Process

There has been much advancement in recent years in hardware and software technologies that are enabling more choices in instrumentation that can be put into the field and data that can be brought back to the control room. However, this equipment only provides you with data. This data must be interpreted into practical information in […]

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Becoming an automation professional

Becoming an Automation Professional

Since I was young, I can clearly remember how much I enjoyed imagining a world with technology everywhere making my life as easy as possible. To create such a place, I spent hours throughout most of my childhood building mini robots from pieces of my oldest toys, the main components of which were DC motors […]

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Hohmann's Executive Corner

Good Customer Service Goes Beyond Tech Support

Good customer service must go beyond answering questions via some means of tech support, either in person or online, and include helping users maximize the benefits from the products they buy. Excellent service starts with having a human answer support calls instead of forcing a customer to navigate his or her way through a phone […]

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Considering a job change?

Considering a Job Change?

With the increased demand for automation professionals over the past year, many of you might be considering a job change, perhaps even a career change. Career changes are much more difficult than simply moving from one company to another and performing a role similar to what you currently do. Many engineers often contemplate getting out […]

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Automation IT INT-MJ12

Improve Reliability with Essential Asset Monitoring

Selecting the right asset monitoring strategy is a balancing act between implementation cost and expected reliability. Reactive maintenance represents the most costly and least reliable maintenance program. For example, some essential assets may have a spare as part of a reactive maintenance program. A common practice is to run equipment to failure and then switch […]

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Finding the interface between two liquids in a tank is critical for some processes.

Measuring Level Interfaces

In other cases, an emulsion or “rag” layer will exist between the two liquids. Other interface situations include multiple interfaces between more than two products, or the interface between a liquid and a solid. In some cases, it may be necessary to measure the thickness of the upper layer. No one sensor can solve all […]

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The key MEMS sensors today are accelerometers, gyroscopes, and pressure sensors.

Making Sense of Micro Electro Mechanical Systems or MEMS

Micro Electro Mechanical Systems (MEMS) describe a type of device or sensor as well as a manufacturing process. MEMS sensors incorporate tiny devices with miniaturized mechanical structures, typically ranging from 1-100 μm (about the thickness of a human hair), while MEMS manufacturing processes provide an alternative to conventional macro-scale machining and assembly techniques. MEMS development […]

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Energy harvesting is the extraction of usable energy (usually converted into electrical energy) from otherwise wasted energy available in the environment.

Energy Harvesting: Practical Reality for Wireless Sensing

What is energy harvesting? Energy harvesting is the extraction of usable energy (usually converted into electrical energy) from otherwise wasted energy available in the environment. On the macro scale (MegaWatts – MW) this includes hydro-electricity, wave power, solar panels, and wind turbines. However for wireless sensing, we are talking about harvesting immediately available energy such […]

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