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Webinar Recording: How to Get the Most out of Control Valves

The data that is really needed when selecting and sizing a control valve is rarely understood and specified, which leads to excessive variability originating from the valve. In this presentation, ISA mentor Greg McMillan discusses pervasive problems and rampant misconceptions. He then provides guidance—supported by test results—on how to select a good throttling control valve. […]

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Sectional view of a variable resistance diffuser (a control valve would have been attached to the smaller flange). Valve upstream pressure moves the piston against a spring force and the downstream pressure of the fluid emanating from the control valve. Thus, the combination spring plus control valve downstream pressure less the upstream pressure defines the low pressure drop across the conventional control valve. The balance of the upstream pressure is reduced by the perforated passages. Note, all holes move in unison, hence the short travel.

What are the New Innovations in Control Valve Technology?

After the hectic activity of the 1980s and 1990s, especially on the international level through the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), efforts to either refine or create new standards have slowed considerably. Past activities led to a spate of standards yielding more accurate sizing, due to a better understanding of fluid dynamics, as related to valves, […]

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Asset Management Systems Increase Reliability and Efficiency

Make use of technology to overcome barriers to better maintenance practices When designing a batch system, engineers often select the control solution based on the size of a system and not the complexity of its procedures. It is traditionally thought that small batch systems require a controller-based sequencing solution, while large systems require a server-based […]

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101 Tips for a Successful Automation Career

How to Select the Best Control Valve Location

When I am in an instrument and valve repair shop, I see many more control valves than instruments, particularly with the advances in sensor technology, transmitter intelligence, and asset management systems. Valves are mechanical devices and as such require more maintenance. Packings, seals, seats, and o-rings wear out. To ease maintenance, a control valve must […]

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A Control Valve Primer by Hans D. Baumann

Do you know what to look for in a good Control Valve Design?  Do you know what you should NOT do with control valves? Learn from Hans D. Baumann’s experience in his book:  Control Valve Primer: A User’s Guide Fourth Edition which covers topics such as flow characteristics, control valve installation, environmental concerns, valve sizing, fail-safe […]

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