We have been discussing Stuxnet since it was discovered in 2010.  Stuxnet was recently profiled on CBS’ 60 Minutes.  There are some of the exclusive video clips that were posted on 60 Minutes Overtime web site.

Nancy Bartels, Managing Editor at Control Global, had some comments about the show which she posted here on Control Global’s Sound Off!: “Hey Mom, They Said PLC on TV“.  She wasn’t a huge fan, but did note this:

If you were paying attention, one of the scariest bits of the piece, which was rather glossed over, I thought, is the fact that now the entire code for Stuxnet is out there and available to anybody who wants it badly enough. We shouldn’t be taking comfort in the fact that “the good guys” apparently were the first to use Stuxnet. It’s out there now and just as available to the not-so-good guys to work on and improve and use.

Unfortunately, that’s the problem with hackers who have nothing better to do.  I’ll add more comments from others in the industry as they come up.


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