For our fifth and final day of ISA Interchange’s “Free Tech Paper Week”, we’re bringing you a two-for-one. You’ll get another presentation, this one presented by Dr. Ragnar Scheirholz and Kevin McGrath at ISA Automation Week 2010, but you’ll also get a copy of their full technical paper as well. Read below for the full abstract from the paper, then check the bottom of the post for copies of the presentation and paper.

If you’ve enjoyed this past week, feel free to send us your technical content as well. You can find a link to do so on the right-hand side of the home page.


Security for industrial automation and control systems (IACS) is a much discussed topic for several years now. Certification of security properties of products has been gaining rising attention in the more recent past. We analyze security certification from an economic background and take a look at how security certification initiatives in the enterprise system domain have performed in the past. From this analysis, we extract a number of critical elements which have lead to failure of certification initiatives and check whether and how the current security certification initiatives address these pitfalls.




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