In reading my tweets this morning, I came across this video that I thought was worth sharing.  I want to give a shout out to Bernie Ritchie who published his Robotics and Manufactuing (a daily summary of twitter postings), which is where I found this video.

The title caught my eye “Robotics in the Cloud”.  It’s a tech talk from the 2011 Google IO conference that talks about how by using the cloud, robot developers can accelerate robotic programming.  They give an overview of a robotics platform called ROS, which has been adapted to support the Android platform (surprise, right).  But the platform does simplify things. There’s some cool shots of robots performing simple tasks, as well as a robot demo and details for programming on the platform.

So, if this isn’t technical enough for you let me know.  I’m on the lookout to bring all sorts of technical/automation information to this blog.  I want feedback if I’m off base.

Who knows what ideas this will spur?  It’s a little long (39 minutes) but interesting.

Sidenote: I got a kick out of the Apple laptop in the midst of a Google/Droid presentation…

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