The May schedule for training and education classes covers a variety of topics, including nuclear safety, control systems documentation, LDAR, fire and gas system engineering, safety instrumented systems, process safety, industrial flow measurement and wireless technology. ISA Tech Tour 2013 brings expert training and instructional resources to Freeport, Texas, with intensive courses on digital smart transmitters and installing and maintaining electronic instruments.  Courses offerings will be held throughout the U.S. as well as in the Netherlands and Belgium.  Instruction is offered at all levels, from experienced engineers and practicing technicians to newcomers to the industry.Áèçíåñ ñåìèíàð. Business seminar.

Advanced System Programming Languages (IEC 6-1131-3) Utilized By PLC/PAC Systems (TC36P)
Today’s PLC/PAC systems are powerful computers that can be programmed in five different languages, and these various languages can co-exist on the same operating platform. All five languages conform to the IEC 6-1131-3 specification. This course was developed for those responsible for selecting the proper language or languages for an application. The five-day course starts on May 6 in Houston, Texas.

Applying Instrumentation in Hazardous (Classified) Locations (ES10)
This course provides a detailed, systematic approach to specifying and implementing instrumentation in hazardous locations. The two-day class will be held starting May 8 at ISA headquarters in Research Triangle Park, N.C.

Industrial Pressure, Level, and Density Measurement Engineering (EI05)
This two-day course presents the principles and applications of modern pressure, level, and density measurement systems. Emphasis is placed on instrument design technologies; system performance and design; and specification, selection, installation, and maintenance requirements. The class will be held starting May 13 at ISA headquarters in Research Triangle Park, N.C.

Industrial Wireless Systems (IC85C)
This course will cover the most relevant details associated with industrial wireless systems with an emphasis towards how the various technological choices coexist, interoperate, and interact with each other. Numerous examples of real-world deployments are covered for facilities such as supervisory control and acquisition (SCADA) systems, petrochemical plants, electrical power generation, and transmission systems. The one-day class will be held May 13 in Cleveland, Ohio.

Transducer/Transmitter Installation for Nuclear Safety Applications Using ANSI/ISA-67.01.01 (IC67)
This course will cover the ANSI/ISA-67.01.01 standard relating to the installation of transducers for nuclear safety-related applications. The course emphasis will be a review of established requirements and recommendations for the installation of transducers and auxiliary equipment for nuclear applications outside of the main reactor vessel. The class is two days and starts on May 13 at ISA headquarters in Research Triangle Park, N.C.

Developing and Applying Standard Instrumentation and Control Documentation (FG15)
This course will present the methodology for designing and developing control systems documentation. The development of piping and instrument diagrams (P&IDs) and related ISA drawings are emphasized. This course covers both the development and the reading/interpreting of these documents, making it beneficial to engineers, designers, software programmers, system integrators, and technicians. The two-day class starts May 14 in Newark, Del.

ANSI/ISA-67.04-2006: Setpoints For Nuclear Safety-Related Instrumentation (IC68P)
The latest version of the ANSI/ISA67 standard is focused on performance monitoring. The course will discuss the terminology and the appropriate use of the standard and the steps necessary for the development of safety-related setpoint analysis. ANSI/ISA-67.04.01 has been used as the basis for many plant specific setpoint programs and setpoint calculations. The changes to this standard should be reflected in all programs where compliance to NRC requirements is necessary. The three-day class starts May 15 at ISA headquarters in Research Triangle Park, N.C.

Industrial Flow Measurement Engineering (EI10)
This three-day course presents the principles and applications of modern flow measurement systems. Emphasis is on flowmeter accuracy, performance, system design, sizing, specification, installation, and maintenance requirements. The class starts May 15 at ISA headquarters in Research Triangle Park, N.C.

Implementing Business to MES Integration Using the ANSI/ISA95 Standard (IC55)
Many manufacturing firms have made significant investments in flexible shop-floor execution systems as well as sophisticated enterprise planning (ERP) systems. Those investments, however, cannot yield their full potential until each has access to the information and capabilities of the other. The ANSI/ISA95 standard addresses that coordination problem by providing a sound, robust definition of business activities and of the information that must flow between those two realms. The two-day class will be held on May 16 in Eindhoven, Netherlands and again on May 23 in Perk, Belgium.

Advanced Operation of Digital (Smart) Transmitters and Digital Valve Controllers (TS16)
This lab-intensive course focuses on the configuration fundamentals, the calibration process, the measurements of multiple variables, and the utilization of computer-based configuration tools for both digital transmitters and digital valve controllers. This course offers you hands-on, working knowledge of smart field devices with an emphasis on measurement accuracy, advanced information gathering, decreased maintenance time, ease-of-configuration and calibration, and diagnostic capabilities. The 4.5-day class, which is part of ISA TechTour, starts May 20 in Freeport, Texas.

Installing, Calibrating, and Maintaining Electronic Instruments (TI25)
This popular course offers a combination of practical information and hands-on experience, covering proper installation, calibration, and maintenance of electronic instruments. You will examine characteristics of electronic control systems; techniques for installing electronic instruments; and procedures for configuring and calibrating transmitters, transducers, and controllers. Approximately 40 percent of your time in this course is spent working with equipment. The 4.5-day class, which is part of ISA TechTour, starts May 20 in Freeport, Texas.

Introduction to Industrial Automation and Control (FG07)
This course combines lecture and hands-on labs to provide an overview of industrial measurement and control. Technicians, engineers, and managers are provided with a foundation for communication with other control system professionals. This class serves as a solid fundamental course for introduction to other ISA courses. The 4.5-day class will be held in two locations starting May 20: Houston, Texas and ISA headquarters in Research Triangle Park, N.C.

LDAR Best Practices – Advanced Edition (SP13PC)
This one-day short course will provide a fast-paced, advanced overview with expert instruction and interpretation in a fun and relaxed environment covering frequently asked compliance questions encountered by the regulated community and LDAR contractors. It will be held on May 20 in New Orleans, La.

Process Safety Fundamentals (EC50CT)
This one-day course is a quick reference for technicians and operators to understanding the principles governing the use of safety instrumented systems (SIS). Students will learn basic definitions and concepts, the different types of standards, and the role of personnel in the safety life cycle of such systems. It also serves as an introductory preparation for the more comprehensive ISA EC50 multi-day course covering design, analysis and justification of SIS and its related certificate programs. It will be held in Columbia, Ill. on May 20.

Fire and Gas System Engineering – Performance-Based Methods for Process Facilities (EC56P)
Fire and gas detection and suppression system design techniques that are currently in use are often considered to be unsatisfactory due to their nature of being rule of thumb and experience-oriented without any real ability to quantify risk. This has resulted in systems that are either over-designed or under-designed. Only after the ISA TR 84.00.07 was a comprehensive framework for performance-based fire and gas design established. This three-day course describes the techniques recommended in the technical report, along with hands-on use of the techniques and associated software tools. It will be held in Columbus, Ohio on May 21.

Implementation and Maintenance of LDAR Programs for Oil and Gas Sites (SP12PC)
This seminar is designed for the LDAR coordinator or individual responsible for the implementation and maintenance of the LDAR program at an upstream and/or midstream oil and natural gas site.  The focus will be on definition of fundamental regulations, practical implementation strategies and quality assurance/control programs, in order to appropriately comply with federal/state regulations. The one-day class will be held May 21 in New Orleans, La.

Safety Instrumented Systems–Design, Analysis and Justification (EC50)
This course focuses on the engineering requirements for the specification, design, analysis, and justification of safety instrumented systems for the process industries. Students will learn how to determine safety integrity levels and evaluate whether proposed or existing systems meet the performance and documentation requirements defined in the ISA 84 (IEC61511) standard. The four-day course starts on May 21 in Columbia, Ill.

Using the ANSI/ISA99 (IEC 62443) Standards to Secure Your Industrial Control System (IC32)
This two-day course provides a detailed look at how the ANSI/ISA99 standards can be used to protect your critical control systems. It also explores the procedural and technical differences between the security for traditional IT environments and those solutions appropriate for SCADA or plant floor environments. The course will be held May 22-23 in Burbank, Calif.  It also will be held May 23-24 in Den Haag, Netherlands.

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