ISA LinkedIn Group Rules

This group is about discussions, conversations and questions, it is NOT a news feed for article links or press releases. You are welcome to share an interesting article, but explain to the group what you want to discuss, a viewpoint or a question. The most common comment in this group to a link with no statement or question: “OK, but what do you want to discuss?” If you find something interesting, tell us why. This group is actively moderated. Members who repeatedly post inappropriate content will be removed. Please make sure to review all “Guidelines” list below.


In late 2015, LinkedIn removed the “Promotions” section from ALL groups. As a result, this group no longer accepts posts or links containing direct or indirect marketing or promotions for companies, brands, products, services, analyst reports for sale, etc. This also includes articles, white papers, case studies, videos and slide decks with a marketing or sales call to action, as well as promotion of non-ISA events, courses and books. If your event is sponsored by ISA or connected to ISA, please include that information in your post.


1) Links to articles or white papers that require registration or submission of an email address and other personal data are considered list-building, i.e. sales and marketing tactics. If you are trying to build your marketing list, this is not the right forum. Posts that contain a forced opt-in to view content will be removed.

2) Posting a link with a headline that says “Read this” or “Interesting read” rarely generates comments or a discussion. Create an interesting headline (your discussion prompt) and fill in the details about what you’d like to discuss below the headline. Ask yourself what YOU would like to discuss ABOUT the article with other members.

3) Please refrain from sharing a link to a publication that requires a paid subscription to view the content. As a consideration to all members, content should be publicly available.

4) Please be inclusive of men AND women in the industrial automation, control systems, instrumentation and manufacturing industries. Discussions or questions that start with salutations such as “Dear Sirs,” “Gentlemen,” “Hi guys,” or “Gents” WILL BE REMOVED. You are welcome to re-post without the gender salutation.

5) Please do not post marketing messages asking our members to join other LinkedIn groups. We will never do that to your group, so don’t do it in this group.

6) This group is for people engaging with people. Please post with your personal account (i.e. real name) and your photo. Posting anonymously with a profile containing a business name and logo (a LinkedIn violation) is not permitted in this group or by LinkedIn. Refer to the LinkedIn User Agreement: profiles/accounts must be “a real person.” Create a LinkedIn “company page” for your business.

7) Please refrain from posting with your email address and asking for a private reply to a question.

8) Note to industrial marketers and magazine publishers: This group receives a high volume of submissions of article links *without* a discussion prompt, aka “hit-and-run” link drops.

9) Posts to this group with a link to a blog article are given higher priority if the post is submitted by the actual author of the article, vs. a company marketer or editor. Authors: Please remember to introduce your article to create a conversation or response, i.e. don’t just drop a link and leave.

10) Hiring or looking for a job? If you have a job to post, or are networking for employment, please select the “Jobs” tab (vs. the default “Conversations”) when you post.

11) If are removed from this group, you may re-join. If your posts are placed in “Moderation,” your account has been flagged because of posts that contain inappropriate content. To be removed from moderation or re-join, follow the rules listed here.

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