This is an excerpt from the March 2012 ISA Insights member newsletter. For the entire article, please see the link at the bottom of this post.

Market developments form the foundation of the premier ISA Wireless Factory Automation Workshop, with a focus of “The Last Meter – Leveraging economies of scale of mass market technologies to meet factory automation wireless communication needs at the edge of the architecture.”

The ISA Communications Division will host this workshop on 16-17 April at the Rockwell Automation Training Center in Troy, Mich. The workshop is an excellent opportunity for experts in the field of wireless automation to exchange ideas with experts in the field of discrete and hybrid manufacturing. Technical topics will include:

  •     Trends in wireless technology in the market
  •     Current and future look at wireless use cases for factory automation
  •     Challenges and opportunities of specific wireless applications

“I’m looking forward to validating the work performed by the ISA100 Factory Automation Working Group (WG16) through listening to and learning from attendees and my fellow presenters,” said ISA100 Factory Automation Working Group Chairman Cliff Whitehead.

For more information on ISA’s new awards program and to see the full list, click here.

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