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Nonincendive-rated field wiring is allowed to be used in which of the following combinations of hazardous area classifications?

a) Class 1, Division 2 and Class 1, Zone 0
b) Class 1, Division 1; Class 1, Division 2; Class 1, Zone 1 and Class 1, Zone 2
c) Class 1, Division 2; Class 1, Zone 1 and Class 1, Zone 2
d) Class 1, Division 2; Class 1, Zone 2 and Non-hazardous
e) none of the above

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Nonincendive is allowed in Class 1, Division 2; Class 1, Zone 2, and Non-hazardous rated areas. Use in higher hazard areas, such as Division 1, Zone 1, or Zone 0 areas, is not allowed.

The correct answer is D.

Reference: NFPA 70, National Electrical Code 2005 or 2008.

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