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There is a two-stage phenomenon in liquid flow. The first step is the formation of voids and cavities within the liquid system when the line pressure falls below the vapor pressure. The second stage is the collapse or implosion of these cavities back into an all-liquid state when the line pressure recovers above the vapor pressure and this stage is called:

A) Cavitation
B) Abrasion
C) Erosion
D) Flashing
E) None of the above

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The correct answer is A.

The definition of cavitation:

  •  A two-stage phenomenon of liquid flow involving the formation of vapor bubbles and their subsequent collapse
  • The implosion of the vapor bubbles results in noise and can cause extreme damage to the valve
  • Under severe cavitating conditions, extremely hard control valve components have failed in a matter of hours

The steps to avoiding cavitation:

  •  Use anti-cavitation valves
  • Select high FL type trim (selecting a hardened trim will only prolong the service)
  • Relocate valve to a point of higher static pressure
  • Place an additional restrictor downstream
  • Size valve properly
  • Place valves in series

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