Hello ISA friends,  I’m so glad to be here.

I wanted take a minute and introduce myself to you and share some thoughts about what’s in store for the upcoming months.  For those who don’t know me,  I’m Juliann Grant, and I’m excited to be ISA’s first official community manager. I think the timing couldn’t be better.

I’ve been involved with ISA for the last seven years, and I’ve really enjoyed the experience. All the people I have met over the years have been fantastic, and some have become great friends.   I started out as a volunteer (and still am) as a planning committee member for the ISA Marketing & Sales Summit, which falls under ISA’s Management Division.  Last year I expanded my volunteer role a bit and was nominated to be the Director-Elect of the Management Division. I fully assume that role in 2013.

On the professional side, I’ve been a marketer for 20 plus years, and spent the last ten working with Shari Worthington at Telesian Technology.

What is a Social Media Community Manager?

The official Wikipedia definition for a community manager is to  “build, grow and manage communities around a brand or cause.”

This definition seems kind of nebulous, since there are so many parts to actually doing the role of a community manager. I’ve been actively participating in social media networks since 2007, and know how the tools can make a difference in communications.  And having been around ISA for awhile, I have some thoughts on how my role can make a difference here with you, our readers, members, volunteers, partners, the list goes on.

Most importantly, I’m here to listen to you. I want to know what you want to see, read about, learn about.  The intent of this blog was for it to become a “hub” for all things automation.  I’ll do my best to further achieve that goal from where we are today.  Big kudos to Jon DiPietro, authors like Greg McMillian and ISA staff for their contributions thus far.

My intentions as community manager:

  • Highlight and share all kinds of automation news and technology from across the market space – and become that “hub”
  • Point out good works being done by brilliant engineers and scientists and showcase what they are doing
  • Add some humor and my voice to the ISA stream, and humanize things a bit
  • Find ways to bring more value to our members through content curation (which means finding or creating good information and sharing it either through links, webinars, PDFs, videos and other mediums)
  • Provide more information about ISA happenings, conferences, and opportunities – there are so many things going on that we often don’t know about and I hope to bridge that gap
  • Highlight our ISA volunteers who tirelessly contribute their time and effort to the advancement of the Society

Enough about what I want…

What do you want to see?

What are you thoughts on building a stronger community here at ISA? How can I best support your professional goals?  Do tell, and don’t be shy… after all, this isn’t supposed to be a one-sided conversation.

What did I miss regarding the list above?

Your input is most appreciated.

Thanks in advance, I look forward to working with you all in the ISA community.





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