This is an abstract that will be presented at ISA Automation Week 2012 in Orlando, Florida. Click HERE for information on ISA Automation Week 2012.

This session is in the Human Performance Track: Getting Results from Social Media


Jon DiPietro, Domesticating IT


It’s not enough to participate in social media, and it’s not even enough to understand its workings and implications inside and out. More and more, first impressions will be made not by cover letters, resumes, and handshakes, but by Tweets, blog posts, status updates, presentations, and emails. The quality and effectiveness of the content we produce in these various digital spaces will increasingly play a crucial role in shaping how we are perceived by our colleagues and peers, and the degree to which we are successful in spreading our ideas.

Social networking is an extension of Web 2.0 and refers to applications that allow users to interact with one another synchronously and/or asynchronously.  These interactions are becoming increasingly complex, expanding from traditional text-based communication to include photos, videos, and even games.  The convenience and ubiquity of these tools is resulting in ever-greater acceptance, making them more and more a part of our personal and professional routines.  A recent survey by Microsoft indicated that 70% of companies surveyed admitted that they had decided against hiring someone because of information they had found online.

This presentation reviews the concepts, framework, and mathematics of social media, and even more importantly provides principles and techniques for maximizing personal and operational results from social media efforts.

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