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Abstract: A new fault detection and diagnosis (FDD) problem via the output probability density functions (PDFs) for non-gausian stochastic distribution systems (SDSs) is investigated. The PDFs can be approximated by radial basis functions (RBFs) neural networks. Different from networkconventional FDD problems, the measured information for FDD is the output stochastic distributions and the stochastic variables involved are not confined to Gaussian ones. A (RBFs) neural network technique is proposed so that the output PDFs can be formulated in terms of the dynamic weighings of the RBFs neural network. In this work, a nonlinear adaptive observer-based fault detection and diagnosis algorithm is presented by introducing the tuning parameter so that the residual is as sensitive as possible to the fault. Stability and Convergency analysis is performed in fault detection and fault diagnosis analysis for the error dynamic system. At last, an illustrated example is given to demonstrate the efficiency of the proposed algorithm, and satisfactory results have been obtained.

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