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Abstract: In this paper, an efficient decentralized iterative learning tracker is proposed to improve the dynamic performance of the unknown controllable and observable sampled-data interconnected large-scale state-delay system, which consists of N multi-input multi-output (MIMO) subsystems, with the closed-loop decoupling property. The off-line observer/Kalman filter identification (OKID) method is used to obtain the decentralized linear models for subsystems in the interconnected large-scale system. In order to get over the effect of modeling error on the identified linear model of each subsystem, an improved observer with the high-gain property based on the digital redesign approach is developed to replace the observer identified by OKID. Then, the iterative learning control (ILC) scheme is integrated with the high-gain tracker design for the decentralized models. To significantly reduce the iterative learning epochs, a digital-redesign linear quadratic digital tracker with the high-gain property is proposed as the initial control input of ILC. The high-gain property controllers can suppress uncertain errors such as modeling errors, nonlinear perturbations, and external disturbances (Guo et al., 2000) [18]. Thus, the system output can quickly and accurately track the desired reference in one short time interval after all drastically-changing points of the specified reference input with the closed-loop decoupling property.

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