This post was written in conjunction with an ISA co-hosted webinar on DCS migration presented by Nick Sands, an ISA leader and industry expert, along with John Boyd, Chad Harper and Matt Sigmon, of MAVERICK Technologies, a Rockwell Automation company.

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Every day manufacturers struggle with questions about their DCS migration. The risks involved. The business case. How to get started. What’s at stake for your organization—and your career? To help you get the information you need, ISA co-hosted a webinar in conjunction with MAVERICK Technologies called “Straight Talk on DCS Migration.”

Four top DCS migration experts discussed topics and trends surrounding DCS migration—using examples of multiple platforms from across the field. Watch the webinar recording and tap into more than 87 years of experience. These are real engineers, and they’ll discuss real migration and real results. The information and insights can help you avoid the migration mistakes others have already made.

The webinar covers the following topics:

  • A preview of trends across industries
  • Five pitfalls to avoid
  • The principles of DCS migration, including front-end planning
  • A case study on a recent legacy platform migration


About the Presenter
Nick Sands serves as a process control engineer at DuPont. In his 19 years with the company, he has worked on several alarm management projects and was the lead editor of the new ANSI/ISA alarm management standard for the process industries.

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About the Presenter
John Boyd serves as MAVERICK Technologies’ technology leader for Rockwell Automation. In this role, he leads the technical direction of the Rockwell platform and guides project teams on technological issues.

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About the Presenter
Chad Harper works as director of technology at MAVERICK Technologies. He leads the group of subject matter experts who provide content for training programs, reuse strategies and ensure project quality.

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About the Presenter
Matt Sigmon works as director of DCSNext®, MAVERICK Technologies’ innovative approach to DCS migration. He manages operations and client relationships to ensure that MAVERICK considers a range of opportunities for significant advancement through DCS migration.

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