I learned today is Pi Day…a celebration for most math, engineering and science wiz’s around the planet.

As Wikipedia notes:

Pi Day is celebrated on March 14 (or 3/14 in month/daydate format), since 3, 1 and 4 are the three most significant digits of π in the decimal form. In 2009, the United StatesHouse of Representatives supported the designation of Pi Day.

What some call “Real Pi Day” will be celebrated on March 14th, 2015 at 9:26:53 AM. These numbers (3/14/15, 9:26:53) correspond with the first 10 digits of pi (3.141592653).

There will be Pi tweets happening throughout the day.  I came across a cartoon and crazy video already this morning, and I’m sure the day will be filled with Pi references.  I’ll add in the funny ones here as we go along…


Here are some others:

Crazy Robot Video (choreographed to Turkey in the Straw:): https://twitter.com/#!/destacochat/status/179937279228395520

Another video – with pizza: http://lightyears.blogs.cnn.com/2012/03/13/pi-day-how-3-14-helps-find-other-planets-and-more/

Pi Day Accessories: http://mashable.com/2012/03/14/pi-day-accessories/

This is a really cool video I found on Facebook – of course it’s 3.14 minutes long… 10,059 dominos! The patience this must have taken…oh my!


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