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Choosing a Calibration Provider

In late March, the ISA Oakridge Section in Knoxville, TN hosted a meeting around the topic of metrology and how to choose a Calibration provider.  They invited speaker Mike Duncan to share his expertise on the topic.  We were lucky to get the link to his presentation and wanted to share it with you. Summary […]

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Finding the interface between two liquids in a tank is critical for some processes.

Measuring Level Interfaces

In other cases, an emulsion or “rag” layer will exist between the two liquids. Other interface situations include multiple interfaces between more than two products, or the interface between a liquid and a solid. In some cases, it may be necessary to measure the thickness of the upper layer. No one sensor can solve all […]

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Automation Founders Circle: Klein earns Arnold O. Beckman Award

ISA will honor Martin Klein by presenting him with its Arnold O. Beckman Founder Award on 17 October, the opening day of ISA Automation Week. Given in honor of Dr. Arnold O. Beckman, founder of Beckman Instruments, the award “recognizes a significant technological contribution to the conception and implementation of a new principle of instrument […]

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Wireless Systems and Gas Turbine Engines

Peter Fuhr, a distinguished scientist with Oak Ridge National Laboratories comments on the ISA Communication Division’s participation in ISA Symposia.  The 57th International Instrumentation Symposia was held in St. Louis, Missouri on 20-24 June 2011 at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel.   Dr. Fuhr shares his comments on Wireless Standard 107.4 and technical presentations that covered […]

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