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How do you spend the first hour of your day?

According to a recent Fast Company article, the most successful people use it to prepare for their day, knock out the hardest activities, gain awareness, and express gratitude. The author, Kevin Purdy, has assembled some key concepts from, arguably, some of the most successful individuals of our time which outline the need for and the […]

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Do You Care? I Do…

“There is no future in any job. The future is in the way you do your job.” I recall early in my career being taught the value of caring about the customer. My first job in industry was as a telecommunications technician where I was deployed to various customer locations daily. The owner of the organization shadowed me […]

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Getting Results from Social Media

This session is in the Human Performance Track: Getting Results from Social Media Presenter: Jon DiPietro, Domesticating IT Abstract: It’s not enough to participate in social media, and it’s not even enough to understand its workings and implications inside and out. More and more, first impressions will be made not by cover letters, resumes, and handshakes, […]

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Hohmann's Executive Corner

Good Customer Service Goes Beyond Tech Support

Good customer service must go beyond answering questions via some means of tech support, either in person or online, and include helping users maximize the benefits from the products they buy. Excellent service starts with having a human answer support calls instead of forcing a customer to navigate his or her way through a phone […]

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Automation IT INT-MJ12

Improve Reliability with Essential Asset Monitoring

Selecting the right asset monitoring strategy is a balancing act between implementation cost and expected reliability. Reactive maintenance represents the most costly and least reliable maintenance program. For example, some essential assets may have a spare as part of a reactive maintenance program. A common practice is to run equipment to failure and then switch […]

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ISA Mentor Program: A Guide to Success

ISA Mentor Program: A Guide to Success

Last year, at ISA Automation Week in Mobile, Alabama, automation and controls expert Greg McMillan successfully launched the ISA Mentor Program and shared his knowledge with ten protégés. Each of the program participants will present a paper and/or participate in an ISA Mentor Program Panel session at ISA Automation Week, 24-27 September 2012 at the Orange […]

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