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The cybersecurity threat – taking it personally

If you’re threatening the security, safety or long-term viability of my workplace, you’re threatening me. And I don’t like it.  I take it personally.  And so should every person working in critical infrastructure facilities, because there are literally thousands of people in this world who do nothing all day, every day, but sit in a […]

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Security with Lock

How to Protect Water and Wastewater Facilities from Cyberattack

“If you aren’t scared yet, you haven’t been paying attention.”  So goes the aphorism for modern times, and it applies equally well to industrial cybersecurity.  Conclusive proof is hard to come by, but consider the supporting evidence: U.S. presidential executive orders, vulnerabilities markets for ICS, U.S. Secretary of Defense warnings of a “cyber Pearl Harbor”, […]

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control system security steps

Six Steps to Control System Cybersecurity

If you are like most process automation professionals, you are aware that your automation systems are not as secure as they should be, and you would like to make improvements. But you are somewhat confused by all the industry chatter regarding security and standards, and you are looking for a clear path toward improvement, minus […]

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ISA Develops Cybersecurity Resource Guide

Industrial control systems are often responsible for the monitoring and management of critical assets such as power generating facilities, water and wastewater treatment plants and transportation networks. Control systems in many industries have to remain operational 24/7 to meet operational and regulatory requirements. To address the increasing interest in securing private industry and public infrastructure, […]

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ISA Fully Engaged in Cybersecurity

Presidential Executive Order on Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity draws comprehensive response from ISA and AF U.S. Presidential Executive Order 13636, announced in President Obama’s 2013 State of the Union address and signed on 12 February, is intended to confront the growing threats and risks of destructive and potentially deadly cyber attacks on the nation’s critical infrastructure. […]

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Automation Federation Goes to Washington: Cybersecurity and the Shortage of Skilled Manufacturing Workers

Last December, a senior task force from the Automation Federation held a series of strategic briefings in Washington D.C. with White House staff, congressional leaders and a variety of governmental departments and agencies.  Our objective was to raise greater awareness for two pressing issues affecting automation in the process, manufacturing and power generation industries: security […]

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Andrew Ginter

Stronger than Firewalls: Strong Cyber-Security Protects Safety of Industrial Sites

This session is in the Security Track: Infrastructure Security and Threats Worldwide Presented by:  Andrew Ginter,  Director of Industrial Security, Waterfall Security Solutions The evidence of increasing inter-connectedness surrounds us: cell phones pull information from both public and private sources, IT teams struggle to integrate tablet computers into IT and security infrastructures, and wireless communications is […]

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