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Webinar Recording: Why Do You Have to Calibrate Smart Instrumentation?

Process measurements are critical with respect to product quality and safety. Verifying/calibrating all instruments properly in a timely manner is an important aspect of ensuring that your product is manufactured correctly. I have seen instruments drift because of their natural tendencies and drift that was “self-inflicted.” Manufacturer accuracy promises are not valid to an auditor […]

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Temperature Calibration – Using a Dry Block to Calculate Total Uncertainty

The most common and most frequently measurable variable in the process industry is temperature. When performing a temperature calibration, it is important to remember that the uncertainty of calibration is not the same as the accuracy of the device. Many factors influence the total uncertainty, and performing a calibration is not the least influencing factor. […]

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Webinar Recording: The Many Reasons and Ways for Calibrating Switches

For most technicians, calibrating switches becomes somewhat of an afterthought.  This might be due to the fact that switches are commonly viewed as an over simplistic device.  A technician may see a switch and think, “What is there to calibrate?”  The fact of the matter is there are significant reasons to calibrate switches and multiple […]

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How Can Advanced Calibration Strategies Improve Control Performance?

One advanced method for calibration techniques is based on the concepts of “loop tuning” or “shooting the loop.” In some cases, it is best practice to perform individual instrument calibration to achieve maximum accuracy (e.g. custody transfer metering). However, there are viable methods where a loop can be tested end-to-end and if readings are within […]

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