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APC: What’s in an acronym?

I closed my first advanced control loops on a cat cracker debutanizer in 1980. The platform was Honeywell PMX computer control software running on a TDC 4500 mainframe on top of early-release TDC 2000 – a real workhorse combination for 20 or more years. The controls maintained the LPG product heavy key spec while maximizing […]

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Security with Lock

How to Protect Water and Wastewater Facilities from Cyberattack

“If you aren’t scared yet, you haven’t been paying attention.”  So goes the aphorism for modern times, and it applies equally well to industrial cybersecurity.  Conclusive proof is hard to come by, but consider the supporting evidence: U.S. presidential executive orders, vulnerabilities markets for ICS, U.S. Secretary of Defense warnings of a “cyber Pearl Harbor”, […]

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control panel in factory

Need Automation Workers? Who You Gonna Call?

Everybody’s talking about the lack of qualified automation professionals – “autopros” as I have referred to these fine folks in previous blogs – to meet the needs of process manufacturers starving for employees. Everybody’s talking about it, but some are doing something about it.  Here at ISA, we do both.  Talking is my forte (ask […]

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