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Technical Expertise Across Multiple Platforms: What the Auto Dealership Taught Me the Hard Way

Several years ago, my family owned a Honda and a Chevy.  When we initially bought our cars, we took them to the respective dealers for routine maintenance and service.  It seemed like the obvious thing to do in this era of high-tech automobiles, since they should know their cars best.  However, after a while I […]

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Projects Commissioning with Fieldbus Foundation

The commissioning and configuration of digital communications of a field-level network, such as Foundation Fieldbus, is fundamental to obtaining certification of the digital communication of the segments and, hence, approval to start up the plant. Despite the fact that the Fieldbus Foundation (FF) project may have been developed and designed following all concerns, standards, such […]

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HMI Design: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Poor HMI designs have been identified as factors contributing to abnormal situations, billions of dollars of lost production, accidents, and fatalities. Many HMIs actually impede rather than assist operators. Many of the poor designs are holdovers due to the limitations of early control systems and the lack of knowledge of system designers. However, with the […]

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