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Webinar Recording: How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Implementing a Calibration Process Change

After you have made the decision to get out of your calibration rut, the next step is to outline a system implementation process. Remember that implementing a fully integrated, automated calibration solution is a process. It simply won’t happen overnight, and needs to be done in steps. Before talking about the steps, let’s review a […]

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Pressure transmitter in oil and gas process

Are You In a Calibration Rut?

The process industry has seen impressive technological advances in past years, with the introduction of smart transmitters, documenting calibrators, communicators and robust calibration software. Plants are able to have a fully automated and integrated calibration system. However, evidence indicates that many companies with an existing enterprise system typically have only established (but not updated) a […]

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Webinar Recording: How to Implement an Industrial Asset Management Program

Assets come in many forms including physical assets, people assets, legal assets, knowledge assets, property assets and others. Wikipedia defines asset as an economic resource – anything tangible or intangible that is capable of being owned or controlled to produce value. Simply stated, assets represent value of ownership that can be converted into cash. Using […]

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Webinar Recording: Why Do You Have to Calibrate Smart Instrumentation?

Process measurements are critical with respect to product quality and safety. Verifying/calibrating all instruments properly in a timely manner is an important aspect of ensuring that your product is manufactured correctly. I have seen instruments drift because of their natural tendencies and drift that was “self-inflicted.” Manufacturer accuracy promises are not valid to an auditor […]

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How Can You Achieve a Total Paperless Calibration System?

Not long ago, instrument calibration activities were accomplished using paper worksheets. When calibration management software was used it was primarily as an asset information repository and event scheduler. Worksheets were typically created and approved by management or quality personnel who presumably understood current industry standards. They would initially design a form which included pre-determined math […]

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New HMI Alternatives Improve Operations and Cut Costs

Faster speeds, lower costs, and greater connectivity are essential to the success of all businesses, including manufacturing. With the introduction of lean manufacturing, Six Sigma, and other continuous improvement strategies, operations must become more flexible, easier to manage, and less expensive. To achieve these goals, businesses demand user-friendly human-machine interface (HMI) graphics, the ability to […]

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Using Smart Field Devices to Improve Safety System Performance

Any process plant that handles products, feedstock, or fuels that are the least bit hazardous (flammable, toxic, or otherwise environmentally dangerous) has safety concerns. Operating in compliance with regulations and standards is a way of life for oil, gas, petrochemical, biofuel, and many commodity chemical producers. But beyond compliance, companies want and need to protect […]

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Your New Robot Colleague is Coming Out of its Cage

When asked how they envision a robot, most people either think of huge, unwieldy robots working in fenced-off areas in large factories, or they think of futuristic cyberbots mimicking human behavior. But somewhere between these two scenarios lies an emerging reality: a new class of robots, dubbed collaborative robots due to their ability to work […]

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