Wireless Systems and Gas Turbine Engines

Peter Fuhr, a distinguished scientist with Oak Ridge National Laboratories comments on the ISA Communication Division’s participation in ISA Symposia.  The 57th International Instrumentation Symposia was held in St. Louis, Missouri on 20-24 June 2011 at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel.   Dr. Fuhr shares his comments on Wireless Standard 107.4 and technical presentations that covered wireless systems & gas turbine engine measurements and other instrumentation topics.  Peter says, groups from industry, academia and government have come together to discuss these topics and increase their technical knowledge.


To find out more about the instrumentation focused presentations and topics covered at the 57th IIS Symposium, please visit www.isa.org or www.isa.org/iis

Thoughts from the 57th IIS Symposium

ISA Staff talks with Grant Patterson, ISA Test Measurement Division Director regarding his thoughts on the valuable technical content presented at the 57th International Instrumentation Symposium in St. Louis, MO this past June 2011. Listen to Mr. Patterson’s thoughts on the technical content presented by Keynote Speakers and Instrumentation Experts.

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