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A New Approach to Advancing the Connected Enterprise

In my 30 years in automation and system integration, I’ve seen a significant change in the meaning of the term “connected enterprise.” Early in my career, a connected enterprise was one that used conveyors to move parts along the production line, and data sometimes moved with the parts on paper tags. Today, of course, a […]

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ISA-100.11a network

Analysis of Wireless Industrial Automation Standards: ISA-100.11a and WirelessHART

The use of wireless transmission is part of everyone’s life. Every day, companies develop and update products with wireless capabilities. The benefits of mobility make the use of wireless equipment almost a necessity. The online life is now possible not only through computer desktops but also through cell phones, tablets, notebooks, and TVs, which makes […]

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Industrial Wireless Sensor Networks: Trends and Developments

ON World’s 2012 survey shows continued growth and new opportunities for wireless sensors Despite a challenging economy, the industrial Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) market has doubled over the past two years. A recently completed ON World survey of 216 industrial automation professionals, in collaboration with ISA, HART Communication Foundation (HCF), and the Wireless Industrial Networking […]

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Video: Overview of the Parts of The ISA-95 Standard

The ANSI/ISA-95 Standard is currently divided among 5 parts with plans for a 6th part. Each of these “Parts” has a different focus, and with roughly 300 pages each, that can seem confusing. The folks at Avid Solutions put together a quick video that will hopefully give you a taste for the contents of each and […]

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Intelligent Device Management Standards Committee Seeks Members

Intelligent field devices, pervasive in modern process manufacturing, bring the promise of transforming the way information is utilized related to these devices and to the processes they control. Devices with impending maintenance problems, for example, can be identified earlier, and information can be provided directly to process automation systems, plant asset management systems, or any […]

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ISA12 Hazloc Standards Members Gather for Intensive Week of Meetings

Veteran and novice ISA12 (Electrical Equipment for Hazardous Locations) Members will gather in Orlando, Florida March 12-16 to cover topics such as intrinsic and increased safety, encapsulation, gas detectors, fiber optics, and installation, maintenance, and repair. ISA12 covers the work of 40 standards, including 25 adoptions of IEC standards. The week will include review of […]

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Security standards committee completes ballot

The ISA99 committee recently completed a ballot on the standard, ISA-62443.03.03 (99.03.03), Security for Industrial Automation and Control Systems: System Security Requirements and Security Assurance Levels. Closing on October 27, 2011, the ballot passed with 18 approval votes and five disapproval votes. Reflecting the widespread interest in the draft, more than 500 comments were received […]

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