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ISA Training and Education in August: Learn, Advance, Succeed

In August, ISA’s training and education programs cover a wide range of subjects including industrial security, advanced safety integrity level selection, operation of digital transmitters and valve controllers, and modern flow measurement systems. Can you survive in the world of process automation? Consider taking ISA’s engineering survival training class, a unique process automation engineering experience […]

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ISA Training and Education in July: Learn, Advance, Succeed

In July ISA TechTour, the newest traveling technical training program that brings ISA’s expert trainers and premier instructional resources straight to you, comes to Oklahoma. The month also features the Training Short Course Special Event, featuring 20 short automation and control courses at ISA’s North Carolina headquarters, from 29 July through 2 August.  You can […]

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ISA Training and Education in June: Learn, Advance, Succeed

June training and education opportunities cover a wide range of topics and professional preparation classes, including boiler room safety, CCST and Control Systems Engineer Professional Engineer exam review, business-to-MES integration, batch control and SIL verification.  In addition, throughout June the ISA Houston Section will host ISA’s Technical Training Camp, an intensive educational experience designed to […]

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ISA Houston Section Sponsors June Technical Training Camp

Throughout the month of June, Houston will be home to an intensive educational experience designed to meet the automation and control community’s needs for comprehensive technical training in a highly condensed format. Over four consecutive weeks, the ISA Houston Section will host ISA’s Technical Training Camp.  The Section will be sponsoring a three-part training event, […]

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ISA Training and Education in May: Learn, Advance, Succeed

The May schedule for training and education classes covers a variety of topics, including nuclear safety, control systems documentation, LDAR, fire and gas system engineering, safety instrumented systems, process safety, industrial flow measurement and wireless technology. ISA Tech Tour 2013 brings expert training and instructional resources to Freeport, Texas, with intensive courses on digital smart […]

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Is the process control system documentation at your plant in order?

The process manufacturing industries are undergoing constant change as a result of the introduction of new systems or corporate mergers and acquisitions. Technical staff and project management can often smooth out the rough spots resulting from corporate and technological flux through the development of a common set of documents for instrumentation and control systems. Investment […]

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ISA certification programs can position employees and employers to succeed

In today’s tough economy, many employees are searching for ways they can stand out from the crowd, both strengthening their hold on their current jobs and boosting their prospects for career advancement. On the other side of the coin, employers—facing tight hiring budgets and fierce marketplace competition—are expecting that workers have the proven experience and […]

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Get Some Training Under Your Belt at Automation Week 2012

2012 ISA Fall Training Institute Opportunities Experience a world of knowledge with 22 of ISA’s most popular courses all in one location during the 2012 ISA Fall Training Institute. This year’s Fall Training Institute (FTI) event is bringing a comprehensive schedule of 22 of our most popular courses, with the added benefit of real-world experience from expert instructors, all to one […]

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Certifications and Economic Development

The Manufacturing Institute (MI) is expanding its certification partners by adding ISA CAP and CCST.  ISA just signed an agreement with MI this month.  MI is working with four pilot states (OH, WA, NC and TX), and four regions within those states, to integrate skill certifications and credentials into the fabric of workforce development I was […]

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