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Never Underestimate the Power of Politics and Emotion in an Industrial Automation Career

The power of politics and of human emotion can be mind-boggling and utterly baffling to engineers who are taught throughout their lives to apply sound logical principles and facts to decision-making. I cannot begin to count the number of times when I have found myself desperately trying to apply logic to a situation where absolutely […]

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101 Tips for a Successful Automation Career

Automation Industry Career Advice: Seek Conversations with Knowledgeable People

I earned a degree in engineering physics, a now-defunct program at Kansas University created for nuclear submarine captains. Doing double duty, I took the required courses for a physics degree, plus 32 hours of engineering electives. With job offers from aerospace, chemical, and communication companies, I chose the chemical company because the campus was impressive, […]

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ISA Author Spotlight: Greg McMillan Career Is an Open Book

Winner of ISA’s prestigious ISA Life Achievement Award in 2010 and many times recognized and awarded for his achievements during the course of his career, Greg McMillan is ISA’s most prolific author. Greg cranks out at least one book—sometimes two—a year, has written several articles for InTech and other magazines, and just completed the third […]

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