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This automation industry quiz question comes from ISA’s technical training course, PLC Fundamentals for the Technical Professional (TC40). This course focuses on the role the programmable logic controller plays in the design of a control system and how proper selection, installation and maintenance can reduce operating costs and improve performance. It provides the technical expertise necessary to install, perform routine programming and maintenance and apply proper troubleshooting and configuration techniques.

Identify the instruction symbol shown in the post image.

a) normally open
b) examine input open
c) examine input closed
d) normally closed
e) none of the above

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Here’s the answer to the quiz question from ISA’s technical training course, PLC Fundamentals for the Technical Professional (TC40).

The symbol represents a logically true condition for a discrete input. When power is present at the addressed terminal the instruction becomes logically true. When power is not present at the address terminal the instruction becomes logically false. Examine Input (or If) Closed is defined as follows: Examines a bit for an On condition. 

Use the XIC instruction in ladder logic to determine if a bit is ON.  0 = False.  1 = True.

The correct answer is C.



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