New wireless technologies connect the dots

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Track Chair: Brad Carlberg
Control System Engineer, BSC Engineering




By attending the Wireless Track, attendees can learn how companies are implementing wireless across their plants and improving plant operations with wireless; learn how to use energy harvesting to power wireless devices, learn how wireless and cybersecurity affect control systems; see another edition of the popular “Ask The Experts” Wireless Panel which this year will provide the audience with a live radio system and site survey tools so the participants can configure their site survey tools, scan for other devices, plan a mock deployment and set up channels and system parameters for the optimum network performance, and, finally, learn how to use wireless e-Tablet/iPod/iPhone technology.

Fast 5 Facts

  1. See plant-wide wireless implementation success stories so you don’t have to be on the “bleeding edge”
  2. Discover how energy harvesting can power your wireless devices instead of using batteries alone
  3. Learn how to use wireless e- Tablet/PDA/smartphone technology to carry the HMI out of the control room and into the field
  4. At the Wireless Experts Panel session, “pick  the brains” of recognized wireless experts to gain insight into how to successfully implement wireless
  5. Learn how to utilize wireless ethernet as a process control system backbone and keep your wireless system secure

Wireless Technology Sessions

Register for ISA Automation Week and see how new wireless technologies connect the dots

ISA Automation Week 2012: Technology and Solutions Event
24–27 September 2012
Orange County Convention Center, West Concourse
Orlando, Florida, USA

“…ISA is indeed the “go to” source for the latest information in the automation field.”

Gerald Cockrell, CAP, Professor Emeritus, Indiana State University

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