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What is a Hashtag?

Hashtags are a social media construct that was developed in order to “tag” updates with keywords. These keywords are then useful for performing searches in order to find a set of comments or updates related to a particular topic. A hashtag is created simply by placing the “#” character in front the desired

Who owns hashtags?

They are a completely user-defined, crowd-sourced taxonomy that nobody owns. Anyone can use their own hashtag in a post or comment and others are free to either use it or ignore it. Like many aspects of social media, it’s an entirely democratic process that polices itself.

Why is this page here?

While hashtags are a common, well-established practice, the adoption of social media in the automation profession is still relatively new. For that reason, ISA Interchange created this page to serve as a primer and directory of hashtags for use with automation-related content. All automation professionals are welcome to suggest other hashtags here and we’ll update the page from time to time based on suggestions and usage patterns.

Automation Hashtags

ISA-related Hashtags

#ISAuto – International Society of Automation
#ISAutoWk –  ISA Automation Week
#ISAms – ISA Marketing & Sales Summit
#ChemPID – ISA Chemical & Petroleum Division
#WWID– ISA Water/Wastewater Industry Division
#ISAMD  – ISA Management Division
#ISAAD – ISA Analysis Division
#POWID – ISA Power Industry Division
#ISAFPID  – ISA Food & Pharmaceutical Industries Division

ISA Publication Hashtags


Industry Hashtags

#PAuto – Process Automation
#DAuto – Discrete Automation
#BAuto – Batch Automation
#SCADA – SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)

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