This article is an excerpt from the InTech magazine article, “Sonar advances, underwater discoveries earn Klein ISA Beckman Award” by Jim Strothman. To read the full article, see the link at the bottom of this post.
"Martin Klein, 1966"

Martin Klein with the first commercial towed side-scan sonar, Boston Harbor, 1966.

ISA will honor Martin Klein by presenting him with its Arnold O. Beckman Founder Award on 17 October, the opening day of ISA Automation Week.

Given in honor of Dr. Arnold O. Beckman, founder of Beckman Instruments, the award “recognizes a significant technological contribution to the conception and implementation of a new principle of instrument design, development, or application.”

Klein’s citation credits him “for the invention and development of the dual-channel side-scan sonar instrumentation, which opened the world’s oceans for exploration, safe navigation, and underwater recovery.”

“I’m honored and humbled,” said Klein, who left EG&G in 1967 to form his own company, Klein Associates, Inc. He started it in a basement of his rented apartment, and then later moved to a lumberyard he converted in Salem, N.H.—well aware his sonar-manufacturing competitors were giant defense firms with deep pockets, including EG&G and Westinghouse.

“Because of my field, I’m involved in many different worlds. In some, I am well known, in others, not at all. But like Beckman, I’ve always felt of myself as an instrument man,” he said.

“We made a difference in opening up ocean exploration,” Klein humbly said.

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