Automation Education

Many educational institutions around the world offer programs related to automation and control. Some of the institutions may offer extensive programs; others only one or two courses; and some offer only continuing education programs. Some are engineering technology programs with an instrumentation Dollarphotoclub_57601332-weboption, concentration or specialization. Others offer automation, control, instrumentation, or similarly titled technology programs. And others offer control systems engineering programs.

Click here for a list of engineering schools and degree programs.

Always verify information about the programs listed; ISA does endorse any particular institution or verify that the information is current.

Accredited Schools

ISA supports the Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology (ABET) initiatives to accredit institutions of higher learning. ISA has responsibility for establishing the criteria for accrediting programs in instrumentation engineering technology.

In Canada, there is a similar accreditation process overseen by the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board (CEAB).

ABET also offers accreditation to engineering programs globally. Click here to locate ABET non-U.S. institutions and choose a country.

You are encouraged to verify the current status or accreditation at any institution or automation education program.

ISA Affiliate Programs in Automation and Control Engineering

No matter where you live or work, ISA is making it easier for you to get your advanced degree in automation and control and engineering.

In a continuing effort to promote career development for engineers and technologists in automation and control, ISA has collaborated with several universities to offer degree courses through distance learning methods.

For more information on the programs contact the universities below. To find out how your university can participate, contact ISA staff.

Drexel-University-LogoAs an ISA member you will receive a 10% tuition reduction if you enroll in any select online degree or certificate program from Drexel University.



  • Certificate in Engineering Management
  • Master’s of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering
  • Master’s of Science in Engineering Management
  • Master’s of Science in Computer Science
  • Master’s of Science in Software Engineering
  • Master’s of Science in Mechanical Engineering

Drexel University
Phone: (+1) 877 215-0009

Indiana State University LogoMaster of Science in Electronics and Computer Technology with an Automation and Control Concentration

Indiana State University
Dr. Gerald Cockrell
Director, MSECT Program
Phone: (+1) 812 237-3394
Fax: (+1) 812 237-3397

Engineering Institute of Technology Logo BlueProvider of outstanding practical engineering and technology education via synchronous, online (e-learning) technologies.


  • Advanced Diploma of Industrial Automation
  • Master of Business and Project Management in Industrial Automation

Plus more than 30 other quality programs available in areas including industrial IT, civil engineering, electrical engineering, electronic engineering and mechanical engineering.

Engineering Institute of Technology
Phone: (+1) 919 990 9381 / (+1) 800 324 4244
Fax: (+1) 919 314 3981 / (+1) 800 434 4045

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