New Way to Envision Your Remote Process

This is an excerpt from the July/August 2012 InTech Automation IT feature by Greg Santos. For the entire article, please see the link at the bottom of this post.

Video can bring you clear, easy-to-understand information from the far reaches of your process.

There has been much advancement in recent years in hardware and software technologies that are enabling more choices in instrumentation that can be put into the field and data that can be brought back to the control room. However, this equipment only provides you with data. This data must be interpreted into practical information in order to be an effective monitoring, control, and automation tool. There remains a gap between the data that is being delivered and deduction of what this data is actually telling you about your process. A comprehensive remote video monitoring system can bridge this gap.

Such a system could deliver critical data that has already been interpreted into meaningful information about your process. Although the video by itself is useful, video that is correlated and tied into your supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system would be even more meaningful. In the ideal remote video monitoring system, a camera is a sensor, delivering vital visual data about your process. The local DVR is the programmable logic controller (PLC) or remote terminal unit (RTU), continually processing and storing video data from the camera. With the proper video management software, this video data can be seamlessly integrated into your SCADA system to give you more information about your process and allow you to make efficient and cost-effective decisions more quickly.

A typical video and alarming solution would consist of:

  • Industrial and hazardous area cameras
  • Networking components, such as power over Ethernet and wireless devices
  • Video historians—video recording and processing appliances
  • SCADA integration software—OPC and Modbus TCP servers, as well as SCADA video windows
  • A web-based and mobile viewing application for viewing video and alarming
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