Automation Federation Partners with NC High School for Automation Curriculum

I was really happy to read about this latest development with the Automation Federation and ISA’s STEM efforts with high school students.  They are stepping out and finding a way to reach younger minds to develop more engineers in the profession.  Here’s what they are doing:

The Automation Federation, in participating in a ground-breaking partnership to increase engineering instruction in America’s public schools, announced today that it is providing subject matter expertise in the teaching of new automation classes, beginning in the fall 2012 semester,at Riverside High School.

For the first time, Riverside High School will be offering an automation curriculum, which carries an AP-level weighting. Already, 12 high school students have registered for the fall classes. Plans are underway to unveil an automation course curriculum at other local schools as well.

“I am very pleased that we are able to introduce automation classes to our students at Riverside High School,” says Rick Sheldahl, director of Career-Technical Education for Durham Public Schools. “I know that the manufacturing industry is crying out for students with an educational background in automation. With the help of the Automation Federation, NC PLTW, Duke University and Durham Public Schools, we now have the opportunity to begin educating our students that have a desire to pursue a career in automation.”

Last February Michael Marlowe, managing director of the Automation Federation and Pat Gouhin, ISA executive director went out to visit the students at Riverside High School. They presented the automation career program and that’s where they got the interest of the kids.

Read the full press release.

Pretty exciting stuff! Twelve students have already enrolled – WOW.  So that’s evidence that there are engineers in the making here.   I anticipate more high schools jumping on board once there is a benchmark for success.  I cannot think of a better way to stimulate young minds.

What do you think?


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